Periodic technical inspections and diagnostics

In order to maintain the high performance of the car and to ensure driving safety, systems are checked at certain time intervals (or after a certain mileage) and the necessary replacement of parts or consumables is carried out. With timely maintenance, the risk of accidents and breakdowns can be reduced.

Tire control

The condition of the tires is an important factor in road safety. When checking the tires, the tread depth is always measured and if the result is below normal, it is recommended to replace the tires. Tire pressure affects the performance of the suspension and shock absorbers and should therefore be checked. Visually check tires for visible damage.

Engine oil replacement in Antalya

Karhan Car Service offers first class engine oil in Antalya. Engine oil prevents friction and wear by forming an oil film between the moving parts during the operation of the car. Thanks to the additives contained in the engine oil, it cleans the engine parts.

Oil filter replacement in Antalya

The oil filter, which filters the engine oil and keeps the lubrication channels open, needs to be changed on time. Karhan car service offers oil filter change service for all classes of cars in Antalya at an affordable price.

Air filter replacement in Antalya

A periodic air filter replacement is required to ensure a continuous supply of clean air to the car’s engine and to ensure that the car’s driving performance is at the required level.

Fuel filter replacement in Antalya

The fuel filter is one of the most important consumable parts; the fuel filter determines the vehicle’s driving performance and fuel economy, and traction power.

Battery replacement and maintenance in Antalya

For a car undergoing periodic maintenance at Karhan car service in Antalya, the battery connection cables are checked, electrolyte level is checked, pole heads are checked, voltage is measured. If the battery voltage is below the standard level, the battery is replaced.

Checking spark plugs

KARHAN Car Service in Antalya checks the spark plugs, which ensure the ignition of the fuel-air mixture in gasoline cars, and their replacement in case of damage.

Brake system control in Antalya

Brakes are at the forefront of driving safety. These critical parts should be checked in detail whenever they are suspected of malfunctioning and during periodic maintenance.

Headlight adjustment

Karhan Car Service in Antalya offers services for the adjustment of front and rear lights, measuring the visibility level and lighting.

Control of the suspension system

Karhan Car Service in Antalya checks shock absorbers, tie rods and ball bearings during periodic maintenance, eliminates any problems and provides repair or replacement of these parts that affect the road holding performance of the car.

Exhaust system control

As part of the periodic maintenance, the exhaust gas level is checked, and the exhaust pipes are repaired or replaced if there are cracks or rust.